My Book is Out!

The Cracks That Let the Light In: What I Learned From My Disabled Son is about the last ten years of my life, becoming a parent and then working out how to be Ben’s mother.

People often assume that having a disabled child is awful, a pity party. It isn’t. Some things about being Ben’s mother have been difficult, and my learning curve has been steep, but our lives aren’t miserable. In fact Ben is thriving and my children and I try, much like any family, to live the fullest and happiest lives we can. My book is about how being Ben’s mother has changed me for the better. It’s about family love and hope.

There’s a brief video of me talking about why I wrote the book and what it is about here:

An honest and unflinching account of Jessica’s journey as the mother of a child born with complex needs. Essential reading… and a source of solace for those who may find themselves on a similar path’ Leah Hazard, author of Hard Pushed: A Midwife’s Story 

A powerful, moving and inspiring story – it opens up a whole new world of understanding.’ Esther Freud

‘The Cracks That Let the Light In chimed so clearly with my own experiences of growing up with a disabled older sister and my feelings as a parent. The book reveals that disabilities only make people difference up to a point. And that parenting, and the love of a parent, is the same.’ Rory Kinnear

‘A universal story of family. This uplifting read sets out what it means to be human, how our similarities are far more obvious than our differences and the powerful force of maternal love. I loved every word of it.’  Rebecca Schiller, author and Co-founder of Birthrights

It is available to order now:



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