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The Cracks That Let the Light In – A mother’s story of raising her disabled son and the life-changing power of books – was published in 2021 by Endeavour.

“This is a book about what happened when it felt like my life had fallen apart and how I put it back together. It’s about family, love and how to be happy despite your life turning out nothing like you planned.” 

Jessica Moxham thought she was prepared for the experience of motherhood. Armed with advice from friends and family, parenting books and antenatal classes, she felt ready. 

But after giving birth, she found herself facing a different, more uncertain reality to the one she had expected. Her son, Ben, was fighting to stay alive. When Jessica could finally take him home from hospital, the challenges were far from over. 

In this hopeful memoir, Jessica shares her journey in raising Ben, whose life-altering disability means he will never be able to move or communicate without assistance. Jessica has to learn how to feed Ben when he can’t eat, wrestle with red tape to secure his education and defend his basic rights in the face of discrimination. As Ben begins to thrive, alongside his two younger siblings, Jessica finds that caring for a child with unique needs teaches her about resilience and appreciating difference. This uplifting story is about the power of family love, hope, and the life-changing power of books and reading.

I was interviewed by Emma Barnett on Woman’s Hour about the book. Listen here:

There is a video of me talking about the book here

Article in The Express: ‘Books transport our son all over the world’ says Mum and author Jessica Moxham’

‘A powerful, moving and inspiring story – it opens up a whole new world of understanding.’ — Esther Freud

‘I loved everything about this book. Totally opened my eyes. So much love in these pages.’ — Emma Barnett, Woman’s Hour

A courageous, heart-rending story of grief, love and ultimately hope. 5*’ — The Sun

An honest and unflinching account of Jessica’s journey as the mother of a child born with complex needs. Essential reading… and a source of solace for those who may find themselves on a similar path.’ — Leah Hazard, author of Hard Pushed: A Midwife’s Story

Jessica’s beautiful words gave me a deeper understanding about embracing disability. I am inspired and will be recommending this book to parents as a testament to following your parenting instincts.’ — Arabella Carter-Johnson, author of Iris Grace

‘The Cracks That Let the Light In chimed so clearly with my own experiences of growing up with a disabled older sister and my feelings as a parent. The book reveals that disabilities only make people difference up to a point. And that parenting, and the love of a parent, is the same.’ — Rory Kinnear

‘A universal story of family. This uplifting read sets out what it means to be human, how our similarities are far more obvious than our differences and the powerful force of maternal love. I loved every word of it.’ — Rebecca Schiller, author and Co-founder of Birthrights

‘This is wonderful. I urge you to read it. It is life enhancing and I defy you not to fall in love with Ben!’ — Natasha Poliszczuk, Books Editor, You Magazine

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